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L'environnement et la sécurité sont notre priorité pour toute livraison de carburant
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Environment & Safety

Respecting our people and the environment

At Pierre Chouinard & Fils, protecting the environment is a priority, and we’re committed to maintaining a strict environmental policy and to complying with the laws, regulations and other requirements pertaining to transportation.  We constantly assess our environmental impact and continuously implement improvement measures to reduce our carbon footprint and pollutant emissions.

La formation de nos employés est assurée

Employees Training 

Raising awareness, encouraging participation and training our employees about environmental issues are an integral part of our business. Proper procedures are implemented and rigorously enforced to eliminate potential hazards to our drivers, the people around them and the environment. The Safe-Work Self-Assessment is a tool used by our team every day to analyze what could constitute a hazard in their workplace.

Equipment maintenance 

Our truck fleet and all our equipment are carefully maintained to provide maximum safety during the transportation and storage of fuels, lubricants, and special products.  

Camions et  équipements dans le cour de Pierre Chouinard et Fils
Photo agricole lors d'une livraison de carburant dans les campagnes

Reducing our environmental footprint

At Pierre Chouinard & Fils, we strive to reduce our environmental footprint. As an energy supplier, we have, for a few years now, integrated telemetry technologies in our operations.  These technologies allow us to track our customers’ consumption in real time, and help us reduce the energy used to serve our customers by making our deliveries more efficient. 

Environmentally sensitive lubricants

Our customers have the option of choosing Mobil EAL series oils, which are fully synthetic, environmentally sensitive and designed to provide excellent performance in systems operating in moderate to severe conditions.

Nous vendons des produits respectueux de l'environnement et des abeilles
Casquette à l'effigie de Chouinard et Fils


We select our external partners very carefully. They are made aware of our environmental goals to ensure that they comply with Pierre Chouinard & Fils strict safety standards.

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